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Tired of low paying  Freight Broker loads? 

Our Freight Finders programs is the end to all your problems! We provide shipping leads to Freight Brokers and Carriers who struggle to grow their book of business.

Carrier Acquisition Support


Your carrier database doesn't support your available loads? 

Let us search and qualify your next carrier!

Lead Generation


No more stressing over cold calls. We do the leg work for you.

Our marketing team combines digital marketing with B2B sales tactics to secure the best paying shipping accounts.

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Kitt Logistics is a minority owned 3PL headquartered in Central Florida. Our mission is to provide unprecedented cost effective solutions through impeccable shipping strategies, lasting and reliable partnerships, unparalleled expertise, and innovative technology.  Our mission is also inclined to provide a fair return for our stakeholders, as well as a rewarding work environment. 

 Through our dedicated team of experienced logistics professionals, Kitt Logistics offers a professional environment that produces exceptional results that is apparent with each customer experience. We take pride in our partnerships and we're committed to your professional growth.


Dispatch Services

You need the right personnel directing your valuable goods, In order to ensure your trucking service operations run smoothly to the right places! 

Kitt Logistics can assist you with almost every aspect of dispatching, from the simplest single tasks to the full, day-to-day management of all of your company’s needs. 



We are a logistics company equipped to deliver 

unparalleled service with no surprises.  From pick-up to delivery, we promise to follow through and guarantee your product arrives safely and on time.  EVERY TIME!


  •   Driving with us gives providers access to advanced processes and technology 
  • Advanced Load Tracking Technology
  • Less Bureaucracy
  • Agile Processes

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